Plainsmen Outdoors LLC (PLM) owns a patent-pending system utilizing 3D scanning devices and proprietary VoluMetrics™ software that digitally analyzes, translates and computes complex three-dimensional objects, such as deer antlers, horns, skulls and other objects. Once scanned and rendered into digital form, VoluMetrics precisely measures the trophy’s total volume, length, spread and other statistical data that can be used to identify, score, replicate or 3D print any bone-, antler- or horn-based hunting trophy. The revolutionary new system is called Trophy Scan.

In 2004, being dissatisfied with the current trophy measurement process, PLM began its search for a better scoring method. Founders of the company set out to identify a process that would result in a 3D antler “STL” file, from which an exact total volume measurement could be gleaned without chance for human error.

PLM initiated discussions with NASA engineers and others about water displacement, sonar pinging, thermal air and other methods of measurement until, finally, a laser scanning process was identified as a viable option. After interviewing numerous laser, photo and white-light scanner manufacturers, PLM sets of their personal trophy antlers for testing and evaluation.

By 2017, 3D scanning and printing process had improved my leaps and bounds; scanners had come down in price and improved in speed and accuracy so much to make the technology commercially viable. Soon PLM was approached by the Los Cazadores retail store in Pearsall, TX.

Los Cazadores was looking for an accurate and fun way to score whitetails for its annual big buck tournament, and Trophy Scan fit the bill perfectly. In 2018, Trophy Scan scored animals using VoluMetrics scoring and produced lifelike novelty items and replicas from the resulting scans.

2019 represents Trophy Scan’s official launch, when it will offer trophy animal scoring, contests, trophy insurance (via replication), social media sharing and novelty item purchase.

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The Trophy Scan App is now available on the Apple App Store.

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