If you’re wondering just how easy it is to use Trophy Scan, we’ve got your answer here. Whether you already have your system and you need a quick refresher on certain topics, or you’re here to learn about Trophy Scan, you’re in the right spot! Below, you’ll find videos on specific topics to show you just how easy it is to scan and score your game and really how to use Trophy Scan.

Here’s what we’ll cover (click to skip straight to it):

Preparing to Start Your Scan

The most important thing to do before starting is to make sure you have the subject in an optimal scanning position.  Make sure you have enough room to walk around all sides of the subject at approximately one meter away.  The subject should be about waste high so you can maneuver the scanner underneath it.  The subject must be secure during scanning.  Once you start scanning don’t let any people get inside the 3D box.  To begin turn you Ipad on.  Touch the Trophy Scan icon then the touch the Hunter icon.  Touch the New icon at the bottom of the screen.  Fill in all pertinent information and touch the Save icon.  Touch somewhere in the field on the screen then touch New.  Choose the correct species, typical or nontypical, from the drop down box.

Creating a 3D Box

Use two fingers to make the box bigger or smaller.  You can also physically move back and forth to help get everything in the scan.  Make sure the Ipad is vertical while you are adjusting the box.  Use the slide tool on the bottom right of the screen to adjust the depth of the box.  Once you have turned the antlers/horns completely green press the Play icon on the right side of the screen.  Once you have completed your screen touch the Stop icon on the right side of the screen.  Make sure you begin and end at the same location.

Ensuring You Have a Good Scan

After completing the scan make sure there are no holes in it and the tips looks good.  Spin the model and zoom it in and out.  If you like it touch the Save icon and name the scan.  Use only letters and numbers, no symbols.  Then save it.  Fill in the information on the next page and save it.

Taking Photos of Your Scan

It is important to take two photos of the animal being scanned.  One photo of the animal by itself and one photo of the animal with the hunter.  Make sure you do this before you go into the scoring part of the system.  This way the scan is always linked to the hunter and there is never any confusion.  In order to take a photo simply touch on one of the camera icons on the left side of the screen.  Take the photo.  You can then choose to discard it or save it.  Once you have saved the photo then take your second one with the hunter in it.  If the hunter is not available just take another photo of the animal from a different angle.

Aligning the Mesh

Touch the Help icon for instructions on how to adjust the model correctly.  Touch the Help icon again to produce an overlay of your model and the simulated one.  Match them up as closely as possible.  It is important to make sure the horizontal line on the larger screen is at the front base of the antlers.  Touch the Help icon again to return to the main screen.  When done touch next at the top right of the screen.

Editing the Mesh

Once you have the scan ready for editing use the tools at the bottom of the screen to crop the image down to the skull plate as close as possible.  The area select tool is for large areas and straight lines.  The freeform is for curves and smaller areas.  If you mess up touch the black part of the screen to start over.  Once you have the scan cropped touch the Done icon and then the Next icon.

Adjusting the Burr Planes

The computer will place the burr planes for you however it is your responsibility to ensure they are in the correct location.  There are three ways to accomplish this.  Touch the red dot inside the left or right burr plane.  Touch the red and white tear drop to slide the burr plane into the proper location.  Use the steering wheel tool in the bottom right corner of the screen to adjust the angle of the burr plane.  Use the three pink dots to tighten up the burr plane around the base of the antlers, particularly the back side.  Once the burr planes are in the correct location touch Next at the top right of the screen and the computer will score your model for you.

Reviewing and Adjusting Scored Models

Once you have the scored model the first thing to do is make sure all the points have a label and are labeled correctly.  If everything is correct you can begin to check each measurement.  If one of the tines is labeled incorrectly you can change it.  Choose a spot on the mislabeled tine where you aren’t touching the purple blood line.  The tine will turn green and the dropdown list will appear on the right side of the screen.  Choose the correct label and touch done.  If you change the label of any of the G’s/T’s the computer will adjust the other ones accordingly.  If a point does not have a label touch on of the white dots on any of the other points.  This will take you to the Critical Points page.  Then touch on the point that doesn’t have a label.  A dot will appear with the red and white tear drop icon.  Touch that and slide it to the end of the tine.

Starting a New Scan

From the home screen touch the Hunters icon.  If you are entering a new hunter touch the New icon and enter the appropriate information.  Save the information.  You will then see a list of all hunters.  The most recent hunter will be at the top.  Touch in the field next to the hunter’s name.  On the next screen the hunter’s name will be shown in the top left corner of the screen.  To begin scanning touch either of the New icons at the bottom of the screen to begin scanning.  Each hunter can have multiple trophies under their name.  Find that person’s name under the list of hunters and repeat the process.

So there you have it! All the answers on how to use Trophy Scan, and a few troubleshooting informational as well.

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