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Introducing Trophy Scan’s unparalleled “Ensure Your Memory” (EYM) All-Risk Coverage Warranty policy – the safety net for the modern-day hunter’s most cherished mementos.

Hunting, for many, is more than a sport. It’s an experience, a moment, a story – and every trophy is a testament to that story. But what happens when the unforeseen strikes? That’s where our EYM policy steps in, offering an all-encompassing protective layer around the scanned memories of every hunter, ensuring that every adventure’s essence remains untarnished, irrespective of life’s unpredictable turns.

What Does EYM Cover?
1. Theft: Should your scanned item be stolen, we’ve got it covered.
2. Damage: Accidents happen, but with EYM, every mishap, breakage, or destruction is secured.
3. Natural Disasters: Whether it’s fire’s wrath, a devastating flood, or a tremor from the earth, we’ve anchored your memories against nature’s unpredictabilities.
4. Unintentional Actions: Drop it? Mishandle it? Worry not, EYM understands and ensures.

Every animal covered under this policy is meticulously described in the attached scoring sheet, ensuring clarity and specificity.

All-Risk Approach: Shattering the mold of traditional peril coverage, EYM’s All-Risk Coverage transcends the anticipated, covering any potential harm unless explicitly stated otherwise. Meaning, if we haven’t listed it as an exclusion, it’s covered!

Valuation & Claims: Lost a trophy? Our streamlined claims process ensures smooth sailing. Upon providing necessary details and documentation, the policy pledges to replicate or replace your scanned items, with a base rate coverage of $10 per inch.

Flexible Premiums & Transfers: Premiums are crafted considering the trophy’s value, coverage level, and term duration, with flexibility in payment options. Furthermore, policies can seamlessly transfer to immediate family members, ensuring that your legacy of adventures is passed down and cherished.

Cancellation Clarity: While Policyholders can cancel their policy with prior notice, the Company retains the right to cancel the policy with a 10-day notice. Regardless of the scenario, transparency, and adherence to terms is paramount.

In the world of trophies and memories, while the physical can sometimes falter, the spirit remains intact. Our EYM policy is more than just a warranty; it’s our vow to keep that spirit alive, to ensure your hunting legacies defy time and stand tall against adversities. With EYM, you’re not just ensuring a trophy, but the very essence of your hunting journey, creating a bridge between the past’s cherished moments and the future’s promise of remembrance.

So, to every hunter who’s felt the joy of the chase, the thrill of the capture, and the pride of the trophy – your memories are our responsibility. With Trophy Scan’s EYM, rest assured, your hunting tales will echo through generations, undiminished and vivid.

Preserve. Protect. Pass on. Ensure Your Memory with Trophy Scan.

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