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What is trophy scan

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Trophy Scan is a patented system that uses cutting-edge 3D scanning technology to create an exact digital image of any trophy, large or small. Once scanned, it can be studied, celebrated, shared, replicated and scored via Trophy Scan’s revolutionary VoluMetrics™ software.


A 3D Memorabilia Machine

Once your trophy is scanned, you can view, celebrate and share your trophy with friends. Then create custom jewelry, decals, and replicas of your animal. Commemorate the hunt and celebrate your hard-earned trophy of any species and any size–for much less money than traditional taxidermy.


A Superior Scoring System

Trophy Scan uses state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology and our revolutionary VoluMetrics™ software to measure the TOTAL VOLUME of any horn, antler, skull or spur. It can also measure using traditional scoring formulas.


Trophy Scan’s proprietary 3D Mapping Technology will record your trophy precisely and preserve its unique data to be replicated using 3D printing. Trophy Scan uses space-age polymers and 3D-replication to restore your animal. Have your entire trophy room insured.

Virtual trophy room

With Trophy Scan’s Virtual Trophy Room, you can create the trophy room of your dreams—or replicate your actual one at home—so you can show off your trophies exactly as they actually appear—all from your smartphone or PC. Zoom in on an individual trophy, rotate it, score it, and make novelties from it. The resulting 3D files can then be used for insurance purposes (3D Printing) if your trophy is lost or damaged later.

Replication for Museums and Education

Need a No. 6 vertebrae from a brontosaurus replicated? Trophy Scan can do it faster, more accurately, and at much less cost than traditional cast-and-molding techniques. Looking for a computer model or scale replica of an American bison for the classroom? Call Trophy Scan.

Inventory Tool for Game Ranchers & State Game Agencies

Much like a fingerprint, each animal’s horns and antlers are unique only to that animal. With Trophy Scan’s 3D BioPrint technology, game ranchers can record their animals’ racks, hooves, body and or teeth to chart and monitor their growth progress. Additionally, once an animal is scanned, Trophy Scan can be used as definitive evidence in cases of poaching and trophy theft.

Celebrate the memory of the hunt through our unique merchandise.

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